The Reiki Facelift Challenge!

You can be Only 6 Weeks to a Younger, Healthier, 
More Radiant Face!


A One-Time Only Event!

The 2005 Challenge was a Great Success,
and participants got great results!

If you missed the Challenge, you can still benefit!
Attend a local Certification Workshop near you and learn everything you need to know to practice this healing art!

Want to bring the Reiki Facelift Certification Workshop 
to your town?  Call for details!


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We're looking for men and women to participate in the Reiki Facelift Challenge
Do you realize that you can be just 6 weeks from a younger, healthier, more radiant face?

We've seen it happen over and over in our practice.  The Reiki Facelift produces results, and the benefits often continue to increase long after the session is over.  We've witnessed lines and wrinkles fade, skin texture soften, and the natural radiance return... all without surgery, without medicines, completely natural, and free from all negative side effects!

Learn these new energy techniques (this proprietary system is not taught in any Reiki class) for self-treatment and the spa treatment, and then get the ongoing support and information resources to rejuvenate your face, neck, and hands.

We are revolutionizing the beauty industry, and you can be a part of it!

Participants attended the Reiki Facelift Workshop on May 17 or May 27, and 
participated in the 3 follow-up sessions every other week. We all had fun, 
healing, and a few surprises!

The Reiki Facelift Challenge will be presented personally by the creator of 
the system, Connie Vrenios!

Read the Introductory Letter from Connie!

You will receive:

* All Instructions at the Workshop

* Supplimental Guidance and Technique Refinement

* Free Gifts for Participating

* "Before" and "After" Photos!

The 5 best results win a luxury spa package!

Pre-requisite:  Reiki I Training with any qualified instructor 
or the Reiki Council's 3-hour Energy Healing Basics class
(Click for the Class Schedule)

Tickets are transferable and non-refundable.

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Click Here to Register Now - 2-Day Workshop

Click Here to Register Now - May 2009 - 1-Day Intensive



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